Beverly Hills Vapor is the no.1 luxury vapour product in the US. Founded in Beverly Hills the company offers only the finest products and e liquid made in an ISO6 Biolab clean room to FDA standards. Beverly Hills Vapor offers you a comprehensive selection of vaping accessories that will transform you smoking experience forever.

You can be assured that once you have tasted the flavours of Beverly Hills Vapor e liquid and added your custom modifications, no other product will come close to the experience; so lose the smell, danger and cost of traditional smoking and enjoy an exceptional smoking experience today.

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E-cigarette vapour has NO toxic effect and is as safe as AIR, shock study reveals – Smoking robot and human lung cells used to test the health risks of ‘vaping’ – with astonishing results

Electronic cigarettes pump out vapour which has NO toxic effect on the cells found in human lungs, scientists have claimed. Fresh research has suggested inhaling nicotine vapour could be as safe as breathing air. To perform the experiments scientists used a "smoking...

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